Pets & Animals

A pet dog or cat are your childs best friend, they play catch with them, go for walks every evening and sometimes even fall asleep with them. There are also few animals that your child would make demands for that arent possible for domestication! A pet lion or a pet chimpanzee isnt entirely a realistic thing, is it?! Fret not; our range of soft toys has stuffed versions of the wild animals, thereby fulfilling your child’s wishes without causing you to have a coronary!

These pet and animal soft toys are very detailed and are great to play with. The soft fur and smooth surface ensures that your child won’t develop a rash. Gift your child an animal soft toy and give them the pet they always wanted!

These soft toys can also represent people from a circle of friends, who you think share few similarities with such animals. A person who hardly shaves and has a huge body would be often compared to a chimpanzee. Go ahead; give them a smaller, cuter version of “themselves”!

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