Adult Pranks

Adult Pranks

As people get older, they get very open to being the butt of their friends’ jokes and sometimes a little dirty prank doesn’t hurt, and most friends will laugh along after being pranked. You don’t have to go beyond a condom or a sex toy for a dirty adult prank.

If your friend is a really conservative person, you might want to rattle him up a bit with this adult prank on a memorable occasion, like his birthday.

You can hide your gifts inside another toy or conceal it under his pillow or add it to his presents and give him a shocker. Get one of these adult prank products and watch your friend jump out of his skin.

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Akhrot [Condom Inside Prank] -30%

Akhrot [Condom Inside Prank]

This is the crackerjack of all adult pranks. Very covertly, slip a prank akhrot amongst other walnut..

150.00 INR 105.00 INR