Shock Items

Shock Items

Pranking is not just a process, its an art. This art involves the element of surprise and the perfect execution often deals with shocking the other person, sometimes literally. Our shock items for pranking are well detailed and are certain to make your hair stand! Shock laga, Shock laga! These shock pranks are extremely fun, as they are on face-to-face basis and will require an innocent face to pull off.

These prank-ready shock items are fun and dont require any work from your side! Very random, funny shock faces and expressions are expected! You may get shouted at, as the effect of the shock lasts few seconds only. Utilize those precious few seconds to get away!

Surprise your friends the right way by using our shock prank items and capture the best moments of the prank!

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Electric Shock Bulb - Torch LED Shock Prank

If you press the button on top the light / torch starts, if you press the button on side it will giv..

247.00 INR

Magic Candy Shock Candy Jar -31%

Magic Candy Shock Candy Jar

A real candy jar with "Electric Shock" function Gives your friends a quick & mild elec..

290.00 INR 200.00 INR

Shock Black USB PenDrive -31%

Shock Black USB PenDrive

A USB pen-drive looks harmless from the outside, but is very prone to computer viruses on the inside..

260.00 INR 180.00 INR

Shock Gun With Light - Black -31%

Shock Gun With Light - Black

A toy gun with a light is assumed to squirt out water or few papers. Our prank-ready shock guns, wit..

260.00 INR 180.00 INR

Shock Gun With Light - Brown -31%

Shock Gun With Light - Brown

This smartly constructed toy gun has the ability to prank anyone using a simple mechanism. The top b..

260.00 INR 180.00 INR

Shock Pen -66%

Shock Pen

A pen is possibly the most asked for thing during classes, with a chance that you could borrow your ..

175.00 INR 60.00 INR

Shock White USB PenDrive -31%

Shock White USB PenDrive

As time progressed floppy disks got replaced by CD’s, CD’s got replaced by DVD’s, ..

260.00 INR 180.00 INR