About Us

It has always been difficult to come up with gift ideas and if you do come up with one, it is always difficult to execute the complete idea in the specific time. HappyGiftMart is the dream project of Dr. Poonam Makhija & Rahul Makhija to provide unique and jaw dropping surprises for your loved ones. We take the hassle away from the first stage, where you need good gift ideas, to the last stage of getting the gift to your loved ones. We are adding new ideas on the site every week, most of it comes our lovable fans and some from our own freaking heads. Whether you are looking for personalized gifts, clothing, prank products to scare the shit out of your friends, naughty items, lovable and cute soft toys, gadgets, caricature, outdoor experience or some absolutely unique idea. We have got it all. 


Our commitment comes from heart felf emails that we have received. It brings us closser to our dreams and creates an environment of fun and innovative idea. We offer customized solution for single orders, just let us know what your gift idea is and our jolly team will jump in to make it a reality.


Contact Us:

Email: Support@happygiftmart.com

Mobile: +91 93728 95495

Office Address:

Unit 106, Mahim Industrial Estate,
Off Mori Road, Mahim West
Mumbai - 400016