Life Size Teddy

Who doesn’t like life size teddy bears? From little children to full grown adults, everyone is pining for one.  For children, playing with teddy bears involves talking to them; having mock tea parties and making them walk around like they’re one of us! With our well-designed teddy bear soft toy, your child can grow with someone to look up to, quite literally! Our soft toys are not very fussy and accept any kind of name given to them; from Adrian to Zeus!

Adults, on the other hand, use teddy bears to cuddle with and hold on to while sleeping. These life size teddy bears would be the perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife, especially if you’re going to be away for a while!

The life size soft toys are very child-friendly and have soft fur that your child (or loved one) can have a sound sleep on. Shoo away those monsters under your child’s bed or drive away your loved one’s loneliness of being alone on the bed, by gifting them a huge teddy bear from our collection. 

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