Animal Prank

Animal Prank

As long as we can remember, animal pranks have been the most popular type of pranks and have been tried and tested since the dawn of time. To get it right, you need to get the right toy and the perfect gullible person. A smart person can see right through your prank, but our toys are so deceptive that they can fool the smartest of guys.

Creepy crawlies and reptiles have always been the creatures that send chills down people’s spines when they see them, but how about you turn one of these creatures on them and watch how they run away at the sight of these lizards and bugs.

Buy one of our small animal prank toys and watch your friend receive the biggest shock of his or her life.

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Fake Big Sticky Black Snake Animal Prank -31%

Fake Big Sticky Black Snake Animal Prank

Snakes are the scariest reptile of all time, and till date people are not over the fear of these sli..

472.00 INR 324.50 INR Ex Tax: 275.00 INR

Fake Cockroach Animal Prank -23%

Fake Cockroach Animal Prank

The fake cockroach works perfect for young girls who have the faintest of hearts for insects and eve..

129.80 INR 100.30 INR Ex Tax: 85.00 INR

Fake Lizard Animal Prank -33%

Fake Lizard Animal Prank

Lizards or domestic geckos are popular among household kitchens, where they are found wandering duri..

141.60 INR 94.40 INR Ex Tax: 80.00 INR

Fake Spider Animal Prank [Dot Color May Vary] -31%

Fake Spider Animal Prank [Dot Color May Vary]

Even Ronald Weasley from Harry Potter was scared of spiders, and being scared of the eight-legged cr..

206.50 INR 141.60 INR Ex Tax: 120.00 INR