Bandages / Black Eye / Fight

Bandages / Black Eye / Fight

We have all used one of the fake bandage prank items, either to escape a test, homework or just to get a day off from school. This way we have pranked many others and have gotten away with a lot, with just a bit of acting on our part! These prank items vary from surgical bandages to black eye patches for an “I-went-through-a-serious-fight” look. These pranking tools are very versatile and are now available for every kind of situation.

These bandages are very effective and efficient as they have minute details nailed, thereby making them par-realistic! These are great to get away from homework or an assignment or just for a day off.

Prank your teachers into exempting you from writing any kind of assignment and enjoy a day or two off!

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Nail Through Finger Prank -29%

Nail Through Finger Prank

The nail through the finger prank is a bizarre trick that can fool people. The tool is very precise ..

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