Broken / Scratch

Broken / Scratch

Scratches, cracks and streaks on anything new could hurt anyone, mentally, depending on the extent of the damage. Especially, when the damaged item is something that they immaculately take care of! Pranking this weakness can be extremely evil and effective at the same time! Our broken scratch items are awesome pranking tools which can serve this purpose and send anyone panicking.

These broken scratch prank agents are very accurate in details, making it very hard to differentiate and notice until thoroughly examined, a thing no one does while they are panicking. This is where our pranking tools are very efficient and create a mirage.

Shock someone entirely as they notice a scratch on their loved belongings only to realize got pranked!

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Car Scratch Prank -21%

Car Scratch Prank

This car scratch prank tool is very accurate and can fool anyone. The appearance of a broken window ..

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