Fake Shit

Fake Shit

Shit or poop as it is ‘fondly’ known as, is easily one of the most disgusting sights and can repel most people a long way from it. They are sure to skip and dance around the fake shit prank, lest they step on it and make a fool of themselves, but they are making a fool of themselves either way.

You can capture this on camera umpteen times on all your friends and have a hearty laugh and pat yourself on your back for having chosen this prank, because this is pure genius. Purchase one of our Fake Shit pranks and make your friends run helter-skelter for cover.

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Mosquito Real Looking Shit Prank -30%

Mosquito Real Looking Shit Prank

This one is as real a shit as it gets. Even the most careful of your friends is sure to fall for thi..

253.70 INR 177.00 INR Ex Tax: 150.00 INR

Real Looking Shit Prank -28%

Real Looking Shit Prank

If you had any doubts about how convincing this is, try looking away from the image and look at it a..

171.10 INR 123.90 INR Ex Tax: 105.00 INR