Other Pranks

Other Pranks

There are other pranks that are completely novel and designed for today’s generation of youngsters, who are looking for new ways to fool their friends. We have people who are working to give you the right ammunition for your pranks, when fired in the right way; they can fool even the smartest guy around, since these are completely new and foolproof.

Your prank could range from stones to balloons to unsmoked cigarettes. But, you will never realize until you are fooled. Buy one of these tricky pranks and enjoy a hearty laugh after a successful prank.

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Burst I Love You Message -0%

Burst I Love You Message

Who doesn’t want to be loved? What if they are surprised by an exploding box that says “..

224.20 INR 224.20 INR Ex Tax: 190.00 INR

Fake Smoking Cigarette Prank -32%

Fake Smoking Cigarette Prank

A nonsmoker smoking is always a source of drama for people. If you are a nonsmoker, shock your frien..

129.80 INR 88.50 INR Ex Tax: 75.00 INR

Fake Snot With Glow In Dark Option -32%

Fake Snot With Glow In Dark Option

Snot or boogers can be highly embarrassing and put the person in a really ‘sticky’ situa..

129.80 INR 88.50 INR Ex Tax: 75.00 INR

Hot Spicy Toothpick Prank -18%

Hot Spicy Toothpick Prank

Imagine you are done with an amazing dinner and want to pick your teeth. You use a toothpick and fin..

129.80 INR 106.20 INR Ex Tax: 90.00 INR