The best pranks often deal with sense of differentiation, not what was expected and doing something weird. Such pranks are often well executed as the result solely lies on the one being pranked and how they react to it! Our range of prank powders is the ideal weapon for pranking people and enjoying their post-prank expressions. These powders could be used to plot revenge or to pull off a smart prank!

The powder range is very accurate in detailing and can easily trick and fool the other person.

Prank someone who cannot be fooled easily by pulling an innocent face and see the hilarious expression on your friends face while you control your laughter!

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Blood Soap Powder Prank --29%

Blood Soap Powder Prank

A face-wash couldn’t’t have got bloodier! Our prank specialized soap powder is the ideal..

100.30 INR 129.80 INR Ex Tax: 110.00 INR

Dirty Face Soap Powder Prank -12%

Dirty Face Soap Powder Prank

Washing your face with soap is a good habit, a good habit that can be used for the purpose of pranki..

85.00 INR 75.00 INR Ex Tax: 75.00 INR

Fake Beer Powder Prank -32%

Fake Beer Powder Prank

We all have that one friend who prefers beer over water, someone who constantly talks and asks about..

129.80 INR 88.50 INR Ex Tax: 75.00 INR

Itching Powder Prank -24% Out Of Stock

Itching Powder Prank

One of the classic pranks that we have all wanted to put into practice is the itching powder prank! ..

293.82 INR 223.02 INR Ex Tax: 189.00 INR

Sneezing Powder Prank -12%

Sneezing Powder Prank

Sneezing is a very irritating process, and sneezing constantly is not something that you would wish ..

100.30 INR 88.50 INR Ex Tax: 75.00 INR