The olfactory lobes are one of the most sensitive organs in our body and they pick up the faintest of smells around us. When you have picked your target, smelly pranks are the best choice to pull off a joke on him/her.

Farts, poop and boogers are infamous for their ridiculously unique smells, and when people are around these stenches, their first reaction is to get away from them and make sure the stench is not coming from them!

With our products, you are bound to leave your target embarrassed after the prank, and all the people around laughing at him/her.

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Fart Bomb Prank -33% Out Of Stock

Fart Bomb Prank

Fart bombs are the new-age prank toys that you can use anywhere and “throw” a prank at y..

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Perfume Bottle Prank -17%

Perfume Bottle Prank

Who doesn’t love a little bit of a pepping up for the nose? Apart from the chemistry labs, str..

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